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EnOcean Transmitters TR9277

Key Features:

  • Uses EnOcean Profile: (EEP) A5-09-04 (Certified 2.0).
  • "Zero Energy" Transmitter that harvests power from ambient light.
  • Integrated CO2 self-calibration feature eliminates maintenance.
  • Built-in absolute pressure sensor corrects CO2 reading for altitude.
  • Utilizes the open, EnOceanŽ wireless protocol that is designed for integration with other products and systems (ISO/IEC 14543-3-10).
  • Provides feedback on local light strength, and radio signal during installation to facilitate optimum placement.
  • Can be easily calibrated in ambient air to support a seamless commissioning process.
  • Optional battery can be installed to provide extended backup in low light conditions. Five year operation on button battery alone.
  • Smart power management logic manages sampling and message transmission based on real time ambient light levels.
  • Current CO2 level can be read at any time bypressing button and counting LED flashes.

TR9277-EO Light Harvesting CO2, Temp & RH Sensor

The TR9277-EO is a versatile, wireless CO2, temperature and humidity transmitter that operates based on energy harvested from indoor ambient light. The sensor has no wires and no maintenance and can be installed and integrated into an EnOceanŽ wireless network in less than a minute. It is specifically designed for smart home and building systems where indoor environmental quality and potential savings from utilizing CO2 based demand controlled ventilation is desired. This sensor platform is ideal for EnOceanŽ networks installed in new or existing buildings. This product is compatible with most control product gateways designed for the EnOceanŽ wireless communication protocol
EnOcean Level 2 Certification
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Published: August 2, 2016 Last Updated: August 2, 2016