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AirTest has a wide variety of portable sensors that can be used to better understand your building environment. Regardless of whether you are tracking down a tenant complaint, assessing the energy savings opportunity of CO2 based ventilation control, or ensuring that indoor moisture levels are not leading to mold growth, AirTest has the tools that can make you the expert.

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CO2 Portable Measurement

Model PT9250
Data logging, CO2,
cfm/person 0-10,000 ppm

Model PT9450
Data Logging,
Occupational Health CO2,
TWA... 0-10,000 ppm

Humidity, Temperature, Dew Point & Absolute Humidity

Model EE02
RH & Temp
Models Humiport 05/10/20
RH, Temp, Dew Point, & Absolute Humidity

Model Humilog 20
Datalogger & Software: Temp, RH, Dew Point, CO2, Pressure

Multi Parameter Sensing With Interchangeable Probes

OmniPort 20
Hand Held With 8 Different Interchangeable Measurement Probes


Published: February 16, 2004 Last Updated: October 5, 2004