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AirTest works with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to integrate a variety of sensor components into their designs. We can also provide custom designed products incorporating our sensor technologies. This section highlights some of the sensor technology available from AirTest for OEM customers. These products are primarily intended for high volume manufacturing applications where requirements are in the thousands of sensors per year. Most sensor products are IS09001 manufactured for optimum product quality.

The descriptions below are intended to provide a general overview of possible sensor solutions. Many of these items can also be customized to particular performance requirements. Please contact AirTest if you would like to discuss your application.


CO2 modules 2,000 to 10,000 ppm

K30 Module
EE891 CO2 Module
EE871 CO2 Probe

COZIR Ultra Low Power CO2 Module

CO2 modules 2% to 100%

( up to 100%)
(20 hz sampling up to 100%)
(up to 30%)

Air Velocity Probes

EE575 Air Velocity Probe

Humidity Elements

HC201 Plug-in Humidity Sensor
HC103 Surface Mount Humidity Sensor

Humidity & Temperature Measurement Modules

EE04 Appliance RH Sensor

EE03 Digital RH and T Module
EE46 Surface Dew Point


Humidity & Temperature Measurement Probes

EE08 Humidity and Temperature Probe
EE07 Digitally Communicating Probe
EE071 Modbus Communicating Probe

EE06/EE061 Analog Probes

EE91-1 OEM Probe For Climate Chambers

Humidity Calibration

Humor 20 Humidity Calibration