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EE91-1 OEM Temperature And Humidity Probe

The EE99-1 OEM - Relative Humidity and Temperature modules are designed to meet the specific requirements of RH/T monitoring in climate chambers. High-end E+E humidity sensor elements of the HC series and accurate temperature compensation of the humidity reading result in an excellent accuracy over a broad measurement range.

The analogue output for relative humidity is 4 - 20mA  (3-wire). The passive temperature output can also be connected via 3-wire to an external readout. Easy mounting and service is possible with a plug-in screw terminals block and by push buttons for field calibration.

Sensor Coating: Operation in heavily polluted and/or corrosive environments is typical for many industrial processes and can lead to drift or damage of the humidity sensor and therefore to incorrect measurements. The unique protective coating developed by E+E for the sensing probe (ordering code: -HC) means a significant improvement of the long-term stability of the transmitter in very dirty and aggressive environments.

EE91-1 OEM Temperature And Humidity Probe For Climate Chambers


EE91-1 Datasheet
EE91-1 Manual
EE91-1 Calibration Manual

Virtually all EE humidity products are available with an optional durable coating that protects the sensor and associated electronics in extremely dirty, wet, or corrosive environments. This coating, initially developed for humidity measurement application in industrial, automotive and marine applications preserves sensor life and long term stability in the most challenging environments. It allows the free transmission of water vapor yet rejects liquids and harsh vapors.

The coating will also allow the sensor to operate in very wet environments or to be periodically immersed in water without affecting sensor response or accuracy. When this coating is applied, RH sensor response is reduced from T90 = 6 seconds to T90 = 30 seconds.

The coating has proven itself over years of operation in salt air and salty fog, wood drying kilns, cheese production, and in dirty, dusty and very corrosive environments. Please contact AirTest for further details.

Protective Environmental Coating



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Published: March 27, 2013 Last Updated: March 27, 2013