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EE871 CO2 Probe

The digital CO2 probe EE871 covers a wide measuring range up to 10000ppm. The probe has a diameter of only 18.5 mm and a protection class of IP65. These features make the CO2 probe EE871 an ideal solution for handheld devices, data loggers or demanding HVAC applications. The communication protocol to the sensor is with the E+E E2 protocol which is similar to I2C.

The digital interface of the CO2 sensor allows for easy retrieval and processing of measurement values and a unique configuration and adaptation to the application. Through the adjustable measuring interval, the average power consumption can be reduced to less than 60µA, which makes the CO2 probe EE871 also the perfect solution for battery-powered devices.

The measuring principle of the CO2 probe EE871 is based on infrared technology (NDIR). The patented E + E auto-calibration does not require a regular supply of fresh air which makes the CO2 probe maintenance free. Aging effects are compensated by the auto-calibration easily. Against contamination the CO2 sensor is protected with a replaceable PTFE filter. Excellent long term stability is guaranteed.

EE871 CO2 Probe


EE871 Datasheet

The interface/test board (part no: HA011010) is designed to allow for simple adjustment of settings for the EE891 and EE892 and EE871 CO2 devices. It facilitates adjustment of measurement range, sampling interval, calibration and other adjustment to the sensor.

Modules are easily inserted on the board and can be hot swapped. It is provided with a USB cable that connects to a Windows compatible PC. A separate power supply is also provided to power the board and sensor. The interface software can be downloaded below.

EE Interface Board & Software

EE891 Software Interface

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Published: March 27, 2013 Last Updated: March 27, 2013