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The E2 Communication Protocol Specifications
Application note on using the E2 Serial Interface

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EE07 RH and Temperature Probe

The design of EE07 humidity and temperature transmitter series features a sealed electronics package that is designed to retain the sensor calibration information and signal linearization correction. The sensor utilized is the new EE HC103 which features a long lasting element with a optional coating that allows the sensor to operate in environments usually unfriendly to humidity sensors (e.g. exposure to salt air, ammonia, chlorine and condensing environments).

The sensor is available with a plastic or metal enclosure. All probes feature a quick connect screw-in connector (M12 connector). The sensor communicates using the E2 serial communication (similar to I2C) protocol that is very simple to interface to other electronic platforms. A wide variety of filter caps are also available depending on the environment to be measured.

The EE07 probe can also be used with the EE22 transmitter if an analog or relay output is desired.

Humidity and temperature reading can be re-adjusted using the calibration software, available as an accessory. The connection cable is part number HA011005. The interface software is free and can be downloaded from this link:

EE07 Digitally Communicating Probe For RH and Temperature


EE07 Datasheet
E2 Interface to the EE07

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Published: March 27, 2013 Last Updated: March 27, 2013